Baker Dave Presents…

I was the first student guest on TUTV’s Baker Dave Presents, airing locally in Philadelphia. And I have to say, this recipe is amazing!

Great Season for the Blue Marlins
The Southern Berks News
I coached the Amity A.C. Blue Marlins Swim Team for 4 years. Coaching a team of over 100 kids ages 6-18 wasn’t always easy, but we sure did have a lot of fun!

Unique Opportunity Part of Boone Relay For Life
Berks-Mont News
The American Cancer Society and Relay For Life are super important to me. As a Cancer Prevention Study-3 enrollment site coordinator, I was responsible for branding and advertising my site for this nation-wide study, and I’m proud to say I enrolled 110 people to take part in this awesome research.

Kyle Schuerger Wins 2011 Mr. Boone Pageant
Berks-Mont News
I like doing ridiculously fun things in front of large groups of people. In 2011, I won my hometown’s tongue-in-cheek pageant competition, Mr. Boone. You can see my performance of Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You” on YouTube. (Look out for the fireworks!)


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